The Friends' mission is to Care for, Share, and Enjoy the Shiawassee River - providing educational resources and activities related to watershed conservation. Help us educate more kids on the river by donating today! 

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#GivingTuesday is an opportunity to give to a nonprofit, such as Friends of the Shiawassee River that can bring change to your community. On this international day of giving, that was created in response to the consumerism in the post- Thanksgiving season, on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, was created in 2012 to harness the potential of like-minded people to come together for a common purpose. This year the Cook Family Foundation has generously offered to match all online donations of $50 or less. What may seem like a small donation to you, could mean a lot for our nonprofit.

Hear from a few teachers we work with to learn more about how our program impacts the lives of kids in our area!

"I have been involved with the Friends of the Shiawassee River for the past 4 years.  It is amazing to see my students get involved with the environment and more specifically the Shiawassee River.  To see middle school students get excited about identifying organisms that start as "bugs" to them and at the end of the section my kids are talking about the water quality and how this quality relates to the "bugs" that live there.  I get dozens of calls a year from people in our community thanking me for getting our kids interested in our environment.  We are helping to foster the future stewards of our environment and with the help of the Friends of the Shiawassee this has made this process possible.  This is a program that we should do whatever we can to continue.  I have been an educator for over 25 years and this program has helped kids get excited about the environment like no other program I have worked with in the past.  This has spawned a relationship with the Department of Natural Resources and my kids along with beginning a partnership with the University of Michigan-Flint.  This truly is a program that my kids get excited about and I have many of them researching what it takes to have a career in the natural resource field."  Sincerely - Dave Richardson, Byron Middle School

"The stream monitoring program has been a great experience for Holly Area Schools students and staff, as well as the larger Holly community. This type of citizen science helps connect people to their natural environment and help to provide valuable data about ecosystem health. Students connect classroom learning to their place in ways we rarely see. The monitoring staff are extremely professional and efficient in making this project the great experience it is. This is a program worth supporting."

Josh McCreedy, Holly High School 


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