Help FOSR and DeVries Nature Conservancy celebrate the removal of this unwanted woodland eating it!

About the Pestival

Did you know that the non-native invasive plant species, garlic mustard, was originally brought to the U.S. by settlers from Europe because it's an edible herb? The name says it all! This pesky plant lurking in clumps in your backyard can actually be used to spice your cooking! The Friends and DeVries Nature Conservancy decided to take advantage of the tasty properties of this plant  to host a localvore fundraiser, the annual Garlic Mustard Pestival. The Pestival is the culmination of our spring garlic mustard pulls. You can support the removal of this invasive species by attending our Pestival, an evening of fine dining at the Wrought Iron Grill.

For more information on garlic mustard and other non-native, invasive plant species, click here.


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