Report Illegal Dumping and Environmental Hazards

 Our Shiawassee River needs your help!


Report an Environmental Emergency

CALL 800-292-4706

Contact the Pollution Emergency Alert System (PEAS) by calling 1-800-292-4706.

During business hours, you also can contact your local Department of Environmental Equality office. Click here for a map of DEQ district locations.

Report an Environmental Nuisance in Shiawassee County at (989) 743-2390

Contact the Shiawassee County Health Department, Environmental Health Division by calling (989) 743-2390. To file a complaint, complete and submit this form.


Report a Downed Tree in the River

If a tree has fallen in the river and presents a concern, please contact your county’s Michigan Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Management Unit. Click here for a list of MDNR fisheries unit contacts.  Residents in Shiawassee County should call one of the two offices listed below.

Shiawassee County – eastern half - Call the Bay City Operations Service Center at (989) 684-9141

Shiawassee County – western half - Call the Plainwell Operations Service Center at (269) 685-6851

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