Saginaw Bay Watershed Summit


On October 17, 2013, FOSR hosted the inaugural Shiawassee River Watershed Summit.

 Michigan State University Planning and Zoning Center (PZC) and the Friends of the Shiawassee River hosted the first ever Shiawassee River Watershed Summit, with funding provided by the Bay Area Foundation.

The purpose of the Summit was to initiate a dialogue between targeted stakeholders on the use and management of the Shiawassee Watershed through public policies. The targeted stakeholders included local government officials, conservation/environmental agency professionals, related nonprofit leaders, and FOSR members. Interested community members from the Watershed were welcomed, as well.

This Summit marked the beginning of a partnership between the PZC and FOSR to develop the Shiawassee Watershed Project. The Shiawassee Watershed Project will provide exciting, new opportunities for community leaders, organizations, and environmental professionals within the watershed to discuss issues of water quality and protection, and to partner on projects for water quality enhancement. 


View the 2013 Summit Agenda & Invitation.

Click on the links below to view presentations given at the Summit:

 Thoughts from Attendees

Here are some highlights from Summit roundtable discussions:

What is the Shiawassee River going to look like in 30 years in your community? What will be the quality of the water? How will the River be used?

  • "Urban environments will emphasize riparian areas as an asset."

  • "Landowners along the river will be leaders in stewardship."

  • "Lawn services and poor agricultural practices will continue to pollute the river, unless alternative, safer practices can be efficiently and effectively applied."

  • "If we don't act soon, we will have more impervious surfaces to impede stormwater drainage. As frequency and intensity of storms increase due to climate change, flooding after rain events will become a serious issue."

In your local community, what steps would you take to improve the water quality in the Shiawassee River watershed?

  • "We need more septic field inspections and spot checks of ditch areas that are under suspicion."

  • "Include Green Infrastructure in our Master Zoning Plans and Ordinances."

  • "Educate, educate, educate our community of recreationalists, farmers, landowners, sportsmen, and their children about how water quality impacts them, and what they can do to be river stewards!"

  • "Promote riverbank stabilization by farmers and landowners." 


For more information on the Summit and the Shiawassee Watershed Project, please contact Devin Gill via email, or by calling (989) 723-9062.


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