The River is Running Free at Previous Shiatown Dam!

September Update:

The Shiatown dam removal and river restoration project is substantially complete. The river is free flowing and open to paddling and fishing. We highly recommend the paddle trip(s) from Geeck Rd Park down to Shiatown and/or from Shiatown to Vernon or Lytle Road. The contractor, VanDamme Trucking, still has some equipment on site awaiting transfer to Corunna later this month. All stream work is complete and the east park areas will be off limits until later this fall. Final upland restoration will be completed later this year, and the Shiawassee County Parks may pursue additional improvements in the years ahead.

Thank you everyone for your patience and support through this process.  We appreciate the many funders, officials, professionals, workers, volunteers and Friends who made this restoration possible.  Come out to Shiatown to see for yourself and enjoy a free-flowing Shiawassee River.